CLE Materials

2019 Aviation Law CLE in San Antonio

  1. NASA’s Vision for a Low Earth Orbit Economy
  2. Injury Causation Analysis
  3. Ethics in the Ether: Interactive Ethical Scenarios in Aviation Claims
  4. Avoid Landing in the Wrong Court: Getting Your Case Safely to its Correct Destination

2018 Aviation Law CLE in San Antonio

  1. Indemnities Made Simple:  Understanding In Practice What Law School Could Not Explain
  2. Aircraft Foreclosures – Enforcing Third-party Interests in Aircrafts
  3. High Lift/Low Drag:  Streamlining Aviation Litigation
  4. Confusion Abounds!  The Growing Proliferation of “Aircraft Dry Leasing Programs” and the Specter of Illegal Charter

2017 Aviation Law CLE in San Antonio

  1. Ground School for Aviation Lawyers:
  2. Preclusion, Exclusion, and Confusion
  3. Strategies for Sharing a Business Aircraft
  4. Digital Signatures