Message From the Chair

September 1, 2021

Please remember to take a few minutes in silence on September 11, in remembrance of those we lost or who were injured on that day 20 years ago.

Dear Section Member:

I hope you and your loved ones are well. The year 2021 continues to be difficult one for all of us given the COVID-19 virus and its Delta variant.

As an industry, Aviation has been hit hard, and even as we try to move forward many things continue to challenge us, including staffing and scheduling challenges, unruly passengers, and unprecedented weather events, just to name a few. However, aviation has always been a challenging, but fascinating, industry and it will “weather” this storm as well.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter. Please reach out to me with ways we can serve you as section members.


Christa Hinckley. 2021-2022 Chair
Aviation Law Section
State Bar of Texas


2021 Annual Meeting and Section Meeting

Here are some updates from our Annual Meeting and elections:

Our Annual Meeting and Section Meeting was held virtually on June 24, 2021, and many of you participated. Christa Hinckley took over as chair, and new officers and members at large were elected. The section’s council for 2021-2022 is as follows:


Chair: Christa Hinckley – Fox Rothschild LLP, Dallas
Vice Chair: Bryan David – Cunningham Swaim, LLP, Dallas
Secretary: Caitlyn Goodwin – Langley, LLP, Southlake
Treasurer: Stella Dulanya – Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association, Dallas
Immediate Past Chair: Peter Busher – Law Offices of Peter Busher, Houston
Membership Director: Kerry Adams – Private Aircraft Legal Services PLLC, Dallas
Newsletter Editor: Kristin Newman – Anderson & Riddle, LLP, Fort. Worth


Term Expires 2022
Derrick Hahn – Hahn Law Firm, PC, Dallas
Kristin Newman – Anderson & Riddle, LLP, Dallas

Term Expires 2023
David Norton – Shackelford Bowen McKinley & Norton, LLP, Dallas
Don Windle – Senior Probate Judge, McKinney

Term Expires 2024
Chip Biggers, Jr. – Solidan LLC, Atlanta, Georgia
Andrea Turner – Burke Bogdanowicz PLLC, Dallas

This information will also be posted on our website.

  • In addition, Lucy Forbes will remain in the position of SBOT Board Advisor and will be joined by alternate board advisor, Audi Sciumbato.
  • The section can now participate in small group in person meetings if all CDC and Texas guidelines are followed. More on this to come.
  • Given the pandemic, all meetings were held virtually in 2020-2021, Immediate Past Chair Peter Busher instituted a series of lunch and learn CLE webinars for the section, which were very well received. Given the success of these webinars, we will continue to hold these events throughout the coming year.
  • As a perk of section membership, be sure to check out our CLE Video Library. This library archives past CLE presentations that members may view for reference or credit. The password is pilot.
  • In that regard, section member and former Treasurer, Greg Reigel, from the Dallas Firm of Shackelford Bowen McKinley & Norton LLP closed our meeting with a CLE presentation on the Dos and Don’ts of Aircraft Leasing. The presentation will be posted on our website.
  • The minutes from the meeting will be posted on the website.

Thank you to all our speakers this past year and to the Council Members and Officers of 2020-2021!


Upcoming Section Events for 2021-2022 Bar Year

The council held an organizational meeting on August 19. Based on the discussions at that meeting, the council is hoping to accomplish the following this year:

Scholarship Program

Now that law schools seem to be returning to a “semi” normal schedule, we decided to re-institute our scholarship program. Traditionally, we award $1,000 to the winning student at our annual meeting, but this year Membership Director Kerry Adams has challenged us all to “sweeten the pot” by adding additional amounts to the scholarship fund. She started by committing her firm, Private Aircraft Legal Services PLLC, to contribute an additional $500 to the scholarship.

The council will be reaching out to section members, as well as to aviation businesses across the state, for additional contributions. Any size of contribution, and any fund-raising ideas, will also be welcome.

Please reach out to Kerry Adams or section Chair Christa Hinckley to contribute or submit ideas.

Aviation Board Certification

 A meeting was held with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization on July 9, 2021. The Board was very pleased with the progress made so far, and the status of the application. It requested a few changes with respect to litigation certification requirements, which will have to be approved by the plaintiff’s bar, and then the application will be resubmitted to the Board.

At that time a vote will be taken and, if approved, the application will be sent to the Supreme Court for review and (hopefully) approval.

Continuing “Lunch and Learn” CLE Webinars

Given the success of last year’s lunch and learns, it was decided that we will continue the program into this year. The first one will be on October 27 with a topic and speaker to be determined, so stay tuned!

November 2021 CLE and Council Planning Session

The council decided to host an in-person CLE event (pandemic permitting) in Dallas this coming November. Subject to confirming space availability, it will be scheduled for November 18 at an FBO at Love Field in Dallas, thereby permitting out of town section members to fly in conveniently for the day. Transportation from Love Field to the FBO will be arranged.

SMU Air and Space Law

 Again, we are hoping this will be an in-person event this year. If so, we will have our annual spring CLE and council meeting during the symposium. We also hope to host a booth to advertise our section.

Connecting with Section Membership

Membership Director Kerry Adams and I hope to reach out to our membership on a more regular basis and to encourage new members to join

If you have any exciting/interesting updates (e.g., large case wins, newsworthy changes in the law, professional achievements, etc.), ideas for in person membership events, or suggestions for our newsletter, please let either Kerry or me (newsletter editor) know.

I look forward to seeing you personally at one of our events this year!! Thank you.


Kristin Newman, Newsletter Editor
Aviation Law Section
State Bar of Texas