Message From the Chair

May 14, 2020

Dear Section Member,
I trust that you and your family are well. We’ve obviously had a lot of disruption in the past few months. The Air Law Symposium was canceled, and now the State Bar Annual Meeting has also been canceled. While we miss seeing our friends and colleagues, we know keeping everyone healthy is the right call. Here are some updates on the Annual Meeting, elections, the scholarship program, and next year.

Annual Meeting and Section Meeting
The State Bar is working to put together a digital CLE presentation, and the Aviation Law Section will be participating. We are also planning to hold a (hopefully live) Section Meeting, to provide updates and recognize everyone on the Council who has worked so hard this year. Stay tuned for more information.

Peter Busher will take over as Chair in June. Peter and I have been planning for next year. Our hope is to push forward the great lineup we had this year, and present it at the 2021 Annual Meeting in Fort Worth, which will be held June 17-18, 2021. Thank you again to our speakers for being willing to share their time and expertise, and I hope we’ll see them next year.

We are finalizing our nominations slate for 2020-2021. If you are interested in serving as an At-Large Member, please email me right away. Please also send any nominations you may have.

Scholarship Program
Due to the disruption in most law students’ lives over the past few months, we have extended our scholarship deadline to June 1, 2020. The announcement will be June 14. There will be no in-person presentation this year, but we hope to include our winner in our virtual Section Meeting in June. We are excited to announce that Kerry Adams and Private Aircraft Legal Services PLLC have added an additional $500 to this year’s scholarship, to support aviation-law students in this uncertain environment. More information on the application process is available on our website.

Board Certification
Jad Stepp informs us that the Board of Legal Specialization was very impressed with our presentation in February. The Board has been backlogged during shelter-in-place, but we should have news soon.
Stay safe, and we look forward to connecting with you over the next few months.

Andrea M. Palmer
Chair, Aviation Law Section
State Bar of Texas 2019-2020

August, 2019

Welcome to the Aviation Section of the State Bar of Texas! I’m Andrea Palmer, the Chair of the Aviation Law Section for 2019-2020.

Our Section has been growing a lot over the past few years. In addition to our CLE during the State Bar Annual Meeting, and our morning breakfast-taco CLE during SMU’s Air Law Symposium, our half-day CLE and networking happy hour in San Antonio is now an annual event – this will be our third year, and we’re excited to watch that program grow.

This summer we held a section dinner the evening before our Annual Meeting CLE. I really enjoyed the opportunity to visit with our amazing speakers in an informal setting, and meet our members. I hope you will attend our dinner at next summer’s meeting, this year in Dallas.

We had an opportunity to expend our scholarship program in 2018-2019, for the first time opening applications to students at all Texas law schools who have an interest in practicing aviation law. This year’s recipient was Austin Turman; I really enjoyed hearing his presentation at the Annual Meeting, and am excited to meet our applicants this year.

Our goal this year is to focus on member engagement. The aviation legal community is tight-knit throughout the United States, and even more so in Texas. We want to focus on that collegiality this year and get more members active. The Section needs members to assist with the following projects:

  • Submissions for our Newsletter
  • Planning Fall CLE in San Antonio
  • Reviewing scholarship applications
  • Planning Spring CLE at SMU Air Law Symposium
  • Working on Board Certification for Aviation

If you are interested in participating in any of these projects, please email me today and I will get you in touch with the Section Officer who is running that project.

I look forward to engaging with our members more directly this year, and hope to meet you in person during one of our events!

Andrea M. Palmer
Chair, Aviation Law Section
State Bar of Texas 2019-2020